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13 December 2023 | 0 min read

The beauty of slow living: Create intentional moments with candles


There’s something magical about embracing the art of slow living. It’s a conscious choice to savour the small moments and appreciate the beauty in simplicity.

At the heart of intentional living is a transformative power of Charles Farris luxury candles. More than just wax and wick, scented candles symbolise the slow life like nothing else – inviting you to pause and just be immersed.

Let’s explore the beauty of slow living and how you can infuse your every day with purposeful moments, even on those days when it seems impossible.

Mindfulness in the everyday

In the whirlwind that is modern life, solace in the simple things has become a rare treasure. Yet, it offers a key to untold serenity. It’s about more than just being aware; it’s a skill and a conscious embrace of the here and now – from the first sip of morning coffee to the quiet before bed.

To immerse yourself in mindfulness, you need a guide. And what better guide than the soft glow of a Charles Farris luxury scented candle? Its flame casting a warm ambience that elevates the entire scene.

The ritual of mindfulness

When it comes to embracing mindfulness, it’s all about sticking to the ritual of it all, creating an environment and a state of mind that allows you to move through the process seamlessly.

Consider the power of breath – the anchor of the ritual. Deep inhales, deeper exhales. Absorbing calm and releasing tension. All with the gentle flicker of a scented candle reminding you to return to this breath throughout the day whenever it’s needed.

Remembering mindfulness throughout the day

As you move through your tasks of the day, infuse each action with intention. Be it savouring a meal, taking a stroll, or tackling daily chores, remember to engage fully – and if you’re struggling, allow a candle’s glow to guide you and remind you wherever it can. A gentle nudge to savour the texture, taste, and sound of life.

And then, when it comes to the end of another day, use your scented candle as an anchor of reflection. Extinguish it mindfully to symbolize the end of the day. Take a moment to express gratitude for these moments of awareness and intention woven into your life.

Through intentional presence and the guidance of a candle’s glow, you’ll come to know that meditation isn’t confined to yoga mats and sounds of whale song. It’s a fluid, accessible practice that can be integrated into your everyday life.

Discover scents of serenity

Each fragrance in the Charles Farris Scented Collection is a carefully crafted masterpiece that offers a rich narrative of craftsmanship and heritage while anchoring you firmly in the present.

The divine natural allure of Garden of Eden is just one example – with its sweet, blossoming garden scents of Tuberose and Ylang Ylang offering a deep luxurious twist on the magic of an English cottage garden.

Then there’s Portobello, whose bold fruity, floral notes command your attention as they transport you to the vibrant market stalls of the London street with which it shares its name.

For true immersion, take the time to explore the variety of scents at your disposal. Calmer notes for moments of R&R. Invigorating scents when it’s a boost you need.

Embrace slow living with Charles Farris

As we reflect on this journey of slow living and intentional presence, let it all unfold around you. Slow down, breathe deep, and let the fragrance of your choice be your backdrop – the story of a life well-lived and intentionally embraced.


Charles Farris is one of Britain’s oldest candlemakers with firm roots in Victorian London, and proud Royal Warrant holders. Our range of luxury scented candles are made using time-worn, traditional crafting techniques that date back to 1845.


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