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7 December 2023 | 0 min read

Embracing Danish Delight: Hygge and Scented Candles

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As winter slowly brings its cold chill to the UK, there’s no better time to embrace our indoor cosiness. Away from the elements, and in the comfort of our four walls, the Danish philosophy of Hygge becomes enticing as ever.

Hygge – the celebration of simple joys, warmth and comfort – goes hand in hand with the art of slow living and appreciation that luxury scented candles encourage.

In this Charles Farris blog post, we’ll explore the magic of Hygge and how it can help bring a touch of luxury to your winter sanctuary. Discover the secrets of creating an inviting atmosphere that soothes the senses and elevates dark evenings.

What is Hygge?

To tackle winter’s chill, the Danish have an age-old secret to contentment. Hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah) encapsulates the art of creating intimacy in the simple moments. It goes beyond cosy blankets and crackling fires; it’s a lifestyle prioritising the joy in the little things.

So, where do luxury scented candles come into the picture?

Lighting beacons of luxury

If it’s warmth and sophistication you’re looking to create in the spirit of Hygge, Charles Farris luxury candles are the way to go.

Picture it: a cold winter night, a steaming cup of tea in one hand, and the soft flicker of candlelight in the air. It’s a carefully crafted scene that can banish chill from the air and transform your home into a place of peace and calm.

With Charles Farris, elegance isn’t a trait but an expectation. From the moment you unwrap a Charles Farris candle, you embark on a journey of sophistication, one infused through its sensory refinement as well as its visual appeal.

The Hygge ritual of lighting a candle

Embracing Hygge is more than covering yourself in a cosy blanket, drinking a warm drink, and calling it a day. It’s a holistic experience that engages the senses, and nothing quite like lighting your favourite scented candle can reflect this more.

In the fast-paced rhythm of life, the candle-lighting ritual invites slowness and presence. Whether you’re alone, or with family and friends, this simple act becomes a mindful pause – a moment to appreciate the beauty in the warmth of an indoor space.

As the flame flickers to life, make sure to take a moment to appreciate the shift in ambience. The soft, golden glow casting a gentle light across your space.

Wrap up for a winter of Hygge comfort with Charles Farris

As we reflect on the upcoming winter season, find a warm embrace in flickering flame and captivating fragrances that play an integral part of the Hygge experience. Remember that Hygge isn’t just a fleeting trend, but a mindset – a dedication to savouring the precious moments.

To find the perfect Hygge companion this winter, visit our Scented Collection and light your way for days ahead.


Charles Farris is one of Britain’s oldest candlemakers with firm roots in Victorian London, and proud Royal Warrant holders. Our range of luxury scented candles are made using time-worn, traditional crafting techniques that date back to 1845.


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