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In an ever-changing world whose eyes are always on the future, we’ve embraced what makes us truly unique - our past.

late 1800

Late 1800s

Imagine – if you can – a time more than 175 years past.
The Victorian London streets ring with the sound of horse and carriage on cobblestone roads, the skies fill with chimney smoke from nearby factories. In a bustling corner of Kensington, Charles Farris sells oils, soaps, and other essentials to locals.

Ever the diligent purveyor of his wares, business trundles along at a good pace, but he sees potential elsewhere. As a respected and committed member of his local clergy, Charles Farris notices the large demand for high-quality candles that churches need for their weekly services.

Burning the midnight oil

Taking matters into his own reliable hands, he creates his first batch of candles for the neighbouring St Ethelburga’s church – made with the same elegance and sophistication that goes into every other aspect of his business.

Made from pure beeswax, the candles are delicately forged in a slow, deliberate process that dates back to the Middle Ages. Though it takes him days to complete each candle, it is the only way to create them with the unmistakable quality that he becomes known for.

Glowing reviews

The clergy at St Ethelburga’s are amazed, confounded, and positively enlightened by the craftsmanship of the candles brought before them. It’s clear that Charles has stumbled onto something special, and London would never be the same for it.

Word of Charles Farris’s luxury candles catches wind across the city, igniting demand from churches in every corner. Eventually, Charles moves uptown to an unsuspecting slice of Bishopsgate where a three-storey factory and office space on Helmet Court becomes the new homestead of his candle-crafting company.


Early 1900s

Decades later, Charles Farris luxury candles is an established and bustling business of the 20th century, standing as a constant backdrop to the lives of those working within its walls.

Young apprentices looking for an honest wage in tumultuous economic conditions cut their teeth on the craft of quality and patience associated with this purposeful candle-making process. A loyal force of engineers, packers, and deliverymen become the lifeblood of the Charles Farris company, distributing candles afar and adorning the glistening walls of the country’s churches.


A Royal Endorsement

Over the years, well past the dawn of the new century, the Charles Farris candle company establishes itself as the preeminent destination for sophisticated church candles, with some of the most prominent buildings in the country boasting Charles Farris candles, including Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral.

By appointment of Her Majesty, this historic company, bathed in London heritage, is the country’s ultimate candlemaker.

scented candle


We continue to embrace our artisanal history over a century and a half later. Though our methods are a little more refined, we have committed to the candle-making process that has allowed us to flourish and thrive all this time.

This commitment to our roots has seen Charles Farris grow to be one of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality candles for commercial and domestic markets, something we intend to keep true for many more centuries to come.

As a holder of the Royal Warrant to the Queen, we remain known for our dedication to our craftsmanship and authenticity.

Fiercely contemporary as ever before, we continue to draw from our rich and storied heritage whilst spearheading the fragrance industry, creating new and exciting masterpieces for a modern market.

Our collection features exquisite, hand-crafted products from the finest quality materials, including scented candles, pillar candles, church candles for a variety of religious events, and reed diffusers to make your home a sanctuary for the senses.

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