What goes into a luxury scented candle

Tim Duggan-Rees

Posted on June 19 2018

For us, making the perfect luxury scented candle is a fine art. We approach candle making much like an artist creating beautiful sculpture. Every element is carefully crafted over many months until we have the perfect luxury scented candle.
luxury scented candles
It all starts with the scent. For us, this is at the heart of everything we do. Scent inspires us, lifts us and it is a gift we have the opportunity to share with you. Each and every luxury fragrance takes around a year to develop. Working with our master noses we use the finest essential oils and rarefied fine fragrances from around the world. Each scent story we tell is very British in identify but the inspiration can come from around the globe.
luxury scented candles
Next we work on the perfect wax blend. We use a mixture of different waxes from mineral to beeswax to create the optimum scent experience. We regularly test our candles to make sure they are burning slowly and evenly at all times. We pride ourselves on having beautiful burning luxury scented candles.
luxury scented candles
The process is finely finished off by creating the perfect candle holder. Our iconic smart navy blue glass has been seen in the most prestigious hotels and departments stores all across the world. Our British hand finished glass is carefully and lovingly hand inspected to make sure a Charles Farris luxury scented candle always has pride of place in your home.

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