The Most Powerful Flowers In Scent

Tim Duggan-Rees

Posted on March 18 2019

Although you will find all sorts of flowers in candles, perfumes, or reed diffusers, none are quite as ubiquitous as white flowers. This can be in the form of jasmine, tuberose, neroli, or any number of familiar ingredients you’ll commonly see used in luxury scented candles.


There are a few reasons for this. White flowers are simply stronger than their colourful counterparts. They lack the eye-catching brightness common in most flowers, so they can’t rely on insects finding them visually during the day in order to pollinate them. These flowers bloom powerfully in the nighttime, where their white petals stand out strikingly - especially in moonlight! White flowers then attract nighttime pollinators, such as moths.


This natural potency is certainly a boon to the fragrance industry. White flowers are not only powerful, but have a distinctive musky quality you won’t commonly find in other flowers. Even if you aren’t sure of the variety of flower, you’ll often still be able to tell that a particular fragrance has white flowers.



Naturally, there are a number of candles in our collection that include white flowers. Garden of Eden and Elizabeth come to mind - being comprised of tuberose and jasmine respectively - but even Grand Cascade has jasmine at its core! The natural muskiness of white flowers can augment smokey or woody fragrances well, yet its versatile enough to work in more delicate, summery fragrances as well. Either way, white flowers are going to add a distinctive twist to the scent, and they're often the ingredient that ultimately defines the whole composition. 


There is an inherent romance to white flowers, and a natural, simple beauty to both their stark aesthetic and fragrance they provide. More than any other flower - save perhaps the rose - white flowers evoke romance and deep affection when given away. If you’re not certain what luxury scented candle to gift, try white flowers - it’s rare that you’ll find someone who doesn’t love them!