10 Questions with Luoana from Uptown Style

Carolyn Bennett

Posted on October 06 2017

Looking for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or food inspiration? Look no further, we have just the place for you - Luoana Negut's blog Uptown Style. We got to ask her 10 questions and here's what she said:

1. How did you get into the world of blogging? In a very silly way, back in 2012 I was working as a freelance Photographer for a magazine between University classes (might have missed some classes but who cares now), this required me to cover London Fashion week cat walk shows, it wasn’t at all glamour, more like long hours, running around from show to show, in converse and I was the only women photographer in a sea of men in the photographers pit, so of course when I saw high heels, glamour and beauty I was like, who are these ladies!! That session I discovered bloggers, I met a few and asked questions and instantly I was hooked, I needed to try to get into this supper cool glam squad packed with super awesome people. Of course the more I looked into it the more I discovered my passion for it, and started to realise I can make a living from this and having looked back since!

Photo from @uptownstyleblog

2. Biggest positive of being a blogger? Biggest negative? Biggest positive is doing what you love on a daily bases, I know a lot of bloggers say that, but I feel if you were born to lead and be your own boss, making up your own days, organising yourself and pushing yourself to be the best person you can be with out relying on someone else then this life is perfect for you! And secondly, meeting the amazing people that come with the job that I wouldn’t meet normally if it wasn’t for this, other bloggers and working with fantastic brands while being recognised for the hard work you put in. The biggest negative is, some brands not fully recognising how much work goes into your blog, and some don’t even see it as a business, so drafting a contract or even accepting your fees is non excising, so a lot of the time you fight for what you know you can achieve, hustle is always real guys!  I can go all day speaking about this, it’s a topic that should be spoken about in more detail but I won’t bore you today :)

3. If you had to pick one neighbourhood of London to live in for the rest of your life, which neighbourhood would it be?  Without a second thought somewhere in South Kensington, but we all know that by now, however, I love living outside of London, nothing beats a big house and that fresh air in the morning! 

Photo from @uptownstyleblog

4. Advice for anyone visiting London for the first time? Cycle, hop on a bike and cycle, you’ll discover this city and it’s hidden gems only when you either battle it by foot or if you want to be quicker cycling is the best option. City bikes are so cheap, I can’t believe more people don’t take advantage of them! 

5. Where do you get your interior design inspiration from? Haha I am laughing because you know the answer... I am a strong believer in Pinterest, it’s where I collect most of my inspiration, I’ve even started to go all DIY and make tables, crazy I know, but it’s so cool to have something in you home that you’ve made, it makes it all that sweeter! 

6. Apartment must-haves? Space saver tricks, but the most important is a good scent, nothing’s better than walking into your home or any home and it smelling amazing from a candle or defused setting a tone through smell, it changes moods and that can be very important in a home! 

Photo from @uptownstyleblog

7. What is your favourite Charles Farris scent? It has to be the Smoky Cedar, Moss and Amber smoky aroma of cedar, aged leather and birch, and is offset by fresh moss and amber. It has a very masculine smell that takes over the room, not to sweet so it has a grand impact! 

8. What do you like about Charles Farris candles? You don’t even have to light them up because all the candles smell amazing and they look so chic and stylish! 

Photo from @uptownstyleblog

9. What would your autobiography be called? When I was really young, I read the Chicken Soup books, not sure if they reached over to Europe, but all the kids in America were obsessed, they had funny stories we can all relate too, anyway, I would like a book that’s funny, with intimate but relatable stories, I would call it, Old Fashioned for the soul, stories you can tell over a cocktail (favourite cocktail being an old fashioned)! what do you guys think? 

10. A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here? The penguin is clearly sad siting alone at the bar, and I ask him what’s wrong, why the short face? In a hispanic accent he says, “I am sad because I’d like to defend my penguin client in court but the judge can’t see that my client is clearly not a flight risk, and I lost the case” haha get it, penguins can't fly, not a flight risk that has me giggling hard! Reality bloggers aren’t always the funniest