10 Questions with Andrea from The Haute Heel

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Posted on September 22 2017

We are fortunate enough to have interviewed Andrea Cheong, founder of the blog The Haute Heel. If you haven't read her blog before you definitely should, she is not one to shy away from sharing her honest opinion (no matter the topic). 

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started blogging

I'm a writer that studied art history and ended up with a blog because I thought it would help me get a foot into the fashion industry. I never realised back in 2011 that social would become what it is now.


  1. What is your favourite part about blogging?

 The creativity - I'm an introvert and I don't love events and the chat, which is the part that attracts most people. For me, I'm happy to be with a few very talented people that can make beautiful images.

  1. If you had to pick a favourite area of London, what would it be?

 Probably Marylebone because it has so much culture without a lot of tourists - my favourite art period when I was at university has its own dedicated museum (Roccco), also the area doesn't try too hard. It's chic and it's got lots of hidden gems like the Monocle cafe and Trunk boutique. I used to take 2 hour study breaks to walk over to Marylebone and have tea when I was at uni.


  1. What would your ideal day in London look like?

I'm a massive homebody so I'd wake up late, go to the gym, get ready for a shoot and photograph/style something really fun and different. Then dinner somewhere new with amazing food, with the boyfriend. No food is better than free food (I'm joking...) If we're talking ideals then I'd come home to my dog and bunny but both don't live here right now!

  1. Best secret London spot?

 People don't realise how photogenic North London is. Hampstead is the quintessential English garden and the first suburb to come out of London. There's a location that looks like an abandoned Italian garden with balconies and everything!

  1. What are your apartment must-haves?

Candles - and I'm not even joking! Fresh flowers are a must too, there's nothing more depressing than coming home to an empty house with no flowers. Fake ones personally offend me. Then obviously, a fully stocked fridge and good red wine. I just got these beautiful red wine glasses I'm obsessed with and even though I'm so lazy I actually handwash them because they are my babies.


  1. What is your favourite Charles Farris scent?

 Redolent fig! My first was Garden of Eden which I love as it was summer but the fig scent is so elegant and perfect year round.


  1. What do you like about Charles Farris candles?

They burn so evenly so they look beautiful even when they're not lit and the scent lasts for days, even after a two hour burn - I was actually shocked about that! I love how understated the candles are, they're so bold and speak for themselves. It's the kind of thing people in the know will own.

  1. Favourite spot for candles in your apartment?

In my living room, where I shoot all of my flatlays. It also has the best natural lighting so I have all my favourite ornaments there like an hourglass I don't use and books I've almost destroyed from turning their pages. They're in plain sight and so good for adding to flatlays. As for the reed diffusers - definitely bathroom and corridors, not that I have a lot of guests but it's important to set the mood for yourself.

  1. What’s the funniest thing that happened to you recently?

I do lots of embarrassing things!! Sometimes I find them funny but then I realise how horrified everyone else is and I have to reconsider my sense of humour.