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Redolent Fig Scented Pillar | Wild Fig & Green Accords


Wild Fig and Green Accords

Our Redolent Fig Signature Scented Pillar is composed of wild green fig leaves mixed with a hint of fruity cassis, soft florals and a woody base note. Perfect for feeling refreshed and restored, this scent is inspired by the history of figs within high society London.

Discover our hand-poured, highly scented luxury pillar candles. Slowly hand-poured over three days, our scented pillar candles contain beeswax. Create the most beautiful glow across your mantelpiece table by placing this luxury scented pillar candle inside a gorgeous lantern.

Top: Green, Leafy Fig, Cassis

Middle: Dried Fruits, Rose

Base: Velvet Woods, Amber, Coconut

Details: Approx. 144 hours burn time.

Retail Code: FSP04

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