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1 December 2023 | 0 min read

Redolent Fig: The Signature Scent of Autumn


As autumn continues on in its own misty, mellow way, so too does its uniquely fragrant spirit. At Charles Farris, our Scented Collection can neatly fit into any season of the year thanks to their distinct connection to natural ingredients.

Nowhere is this more clear than in our elegant Grand Cascade luxury scented candles, a deep, smoky aroma of cedar, birch, and aged leather that harkens back to our industrial roots of 1840s London.

Looking to indulge in these dark autumn weeks with real grandeur? See why Grand Cascade should be your new signature scent this autumn.

Step into autumn with Grand Cascade

The sensory masterpiece of the Grand Cascade luxury scented candle weaves a tale of luxury that draws inspiration from the rich scents of industrial Victorian-era London.

Picture the air thick with the essence of aged leather, smoky cedar, and the rugged sophistication of birch. It’s simply a fragrance that tells a story of a bygone era, where the hustle and bustle of city life harmonised with the earthy notes of nature.

Ignite the three wicks of the Grand Cascade and feel the room become an autumn sanctuary of indulgence. The deep, smoky scent takes centre stage, wafting warmth and sophistication to all corners of your home.

Aged leather notes unfold, revealing tales of character. Elsewhere, the dance of cedar and birch adds a touch of rugged elegance, reminiscent of a stroll through a bygone historic neighbourhood in London.

Yet, it’s the subtle blend of fresh moss and amber in this luxury scented candle that elevates this distinctive aroma to its level of unparalleled luxury. Imagine the crispness of autumn air, the earthiness of moss-covered stones, and the amber glow of a setting sun – all coming together in an ambience that transcends time.

Crafted with the utmost care, each Grand Cascade candle is hand-poured in England to ensure a slow, even burn. Our commitment to quality is mirrored in the fine ingredients we choose. With flickering, dancing flames, Grand Cascade isn’t just a luxury scented candle to be lit, and it’s an autumnal journey, a sensory escape to a world imbued with the rugged charm of the past.


Charles Farris is one of Britain’s oldest candlemakers with firm roots in Victorian London, and proud Royal Warrant holders. Our range of luxury scented candles are made using time-worn, traditional crafting techniques that date back to 1845.


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