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21 November 2023 | 0 min read

Master the art of hosting with Charles Farris

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Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party or a romantic evening for two, there’s one thing that is guaranteed to elevate your hosting to new heights – a Charles Farris luxury scented candle.

Let’s take a look at how you can transform your space into a haven of sophistication, navigating the nuances of graceful hosting all the while – so you can create moments that linger in the hearts of your guests.

Setting the scene for the ideal atmosphere

There’s an unmistakably magical quality to a space that is well-lit, and a large part of creating this magic comes from where you place your candles. Let’s delve into two crucial aspects of candle placement – table settings and centrepieces.

Table settings and centrepieces

The dining table serves as the heart of many social gatherings, making it a prime canvas for any candlelit masterpiece. So, what should you keep in mind?

Well, you want the correct size and style of luxury candle – one that complements your table decor. You could try placing a cluster of candles in the centre to establish a focal point that radiates warmth in every direction. For an intimate mealtime setting, try housing your candles in elegant holders to add dimensions to the scene.

Your dining table doesn’t have to be the centrepiece of your home: extend the magic to side tables and other flat furniture – or even your dedicated candlelit display. Mix and match your candles with varying scents and sizes if you want a truly captivating sight that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Spread the love and luxury

Whilst you might have an ideal centrepiece, that doesn’t mean the charm of luxury candlelight should be confined to a single space.

Place a variety of candles throughout different areas of your space to create more harmony and ambience: mantels, window sills, and sideboards are all perfect to extend your hosting warmth beyond the dining experience. Also, consider placing candles in the corners of the room; illuminating those areas will invite your guests in even more.

As you can see, creativity knows no bounds when it comes to the art of luxury candle placement. Experiment with different heights, arrangements, and styles to see which configuration suits you most and brings out the fullest allure of your home.

A sensory symphony

Now you’ve mastered the visual aspect of your hosting (and olfactory if you’re using scented candles), it’s time to consider the auditory backdrop. Music can magically align with any mood you’re trying to create – be it a soothing playlist for an intimate dinner or upbeat tunes for a livelier soiree.

If you’re stuck as to what music you should choose, take cues from your scented candle. If you’ve gone for soothing floral notes, soft, instrumental melodies or sounds inspired by nature will elevate your overall atmosphere.

Elevate every gathering with Charles Farris

As we conclude this short exploration into the art of hosting, be sure to let those moments linger. Beyond the event, let the glow of your scented candle become a beacon of comfort in your daily life – a reminder of joy found in simplicity. Let those echoes of laughter and the warmth of shared moments continue to inspire gatherings for many years to come.


Charles Farris is one of Britain’s oldest candlemakers with firm roots in Victorian London, and proud Royal Warrant holders. Our range of luxury scented candles are made using time-worn, traditional crafting techniques that date back to 1845.


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