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Best places in the UK to visit in the autumn


As the vibrant hues of the summer give way to the golden tones of Autumn, the UK sees a breathtaking transformation as a cool spell is cast, beckoning travellers from afar. Let’s make our way into this enchanting season and explore what makes the UK such a unique place in autumn, before delving into some of the opulent Charles Farris scents that will act as your perfect companion, all year long. 

  • Autumn in the Countryside 
  • Coastal Retreats 
  • Autumnal City Escapes 
  • Perfect Candle Companions

Autumn in the countryside


When autumn casts its spell on the UK countryside, few places can rival the beauty of the Cotswolds. Renowned for its quintessential English charm, with stone cottages nestled amidst rolling hills, enchanting woodlands, and expansive meadows, the Cotswolds are nothing short of spectacular, offering a chance for you to soak in the seasonal splendour of this crisp season.

For the real essence of the Cotswolds in autumn, try staying in any number of the cosy inns and B&B hotels scattered around, many of which are tucked away in charming villages and surrounded by countryside. 

Lake District 

Further up north, autumn turns the esteemed Lake District into an immersive spectacle. The winding paths of Kirkstone Pass offer panoramic views of the surrounding fells, adorned by red and orange., a walk around Buttermere is another must, with its tranquil waters and accessible walking route scattered with stone bridges, ancient woodlands, and local wildlife, all punctuated by gentle rustling of crisp leaves underfoot.

Scottish Highlands

Continue northward and you find the Scottish Highlands, dramatic landscapes of rugged mountains, shimmering lochs, a wild, untamed region ablaze with the colours of autumn mirrored in the calm lochs, all making for an awe-inspiring experience. 

Here, you’ll also find historic lodges and charming guest houses that welcome visitors with warm hospitality. After just a day of exploring this rugged beauty, unwind by a crackling fire in the cool eve, relax, and immerse yourself in the magic of a Scottish autumn. 

Take the adventure back home with you with the intrepid spirit of the British Expedition collection brimming with a warm, sweet glow courtesy of clove, mint, and tobacco. 

Autumn coastal retreats 


On the southwestern tip of England sits a coastal haven that shows a different side to itself every season, and this is no different for autumn. Once the late summer crowds disperse, Cornwall’s beaches and rugged cliff sides enjoy a peaceful ambiance. Take a walk along the South West Coast Path, where a crisp breeze carries salty air and crashing waves with you on your journey.

The Isle of Skye

On the other side of the country, autumn bestows a bewitching charm upon the Scottish coastline. Known for dramatic scenery and ancient castles, the Isle of Skye takes on a more enchanting feel once autumn descends. Invigorating beach walks on Talisker Bay and its orange-tinted cliffs, the awe-inspiring views atop the Old Man of Storr, and abundant, delicious local cuisine will make for a mesmerising visit. 


Over the North Yorkshire coast, the charming town of Whitby invites visitors with beauty that seems locked in time. Be it the historic, 7th century Whitby Abbey that holds association with Dracula, or the cosy seaside cafes, there’s always a way to relish the coastal charm of a Yorkshire autumn. 

Restore yourself further with the refreshing call of Redolent Fig, a fragrant harmony of wild green fig leaves, flora, and woody notes.

Autumn city escapes 


The historic streets and landmarks of this iconic capital forms a stunning backdrop against its vibrant, more natural features. The Royal Botanic Garden and its lush greenery acts as an appetiser for the likes of Princes Street Garden and the stunning backdrop of Edinburgh Castle. And for a taste of Scottish tradition, try the Edinburgh Festivals. Watch every corner of the city light up with performing arts, comedy, and cultural events in the vibrant glow of an Edinburgh autumn. 


The academic corner of the world, with the University of Oxford’s smattering of magnificent campuses, becomes ever more charming as the falling leaves create a beautiful setting for the iconic architecture. University Parks, where ancient trees change their colours, offer an ideal spot for a leisurely afternoon picnic. And for literature enthusiasts, the autumn brings the Oxford Literary Festival, where the written word is celebrated by prominent authors, poets and thinkers of the world. 


Steep in Roman and Georgian history, this southern city radiates an inviting charm during the autumn. Royal Victoria Park, with its tree-lined avenues becomes an unbelievable sight as the season unfolds. Along the River Avon, the Parade Garden offers a tranquil escape amidst colourful autumn foliage. Like in Oxford, autumn harkens the Bath Film Festival, where cinephiles gather to enjoy an array of international films and engaging discussion. 

Perfect Candle Companions for Autumn Adventures 

We’ve been crafting exceptional scented candles since 1845, drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of British perfumery. Our collection of autumn-inspired scents are a testament to our dedication to creating candles that transport you to the heart of the season. 

Let the dance between warm cloves, mint tea, and sweet tobacco of our British Expedition scented candle take you away to another time of adventure and escape. 
Or why not indulge in a floral, fruity escape from Redolent Fig that reminisces of late summer and welcomes you into the autumn season with hints of wild green fig leaves and woody base notes.


Charles Farris is one of Britain’s oldest candlemakers with firm roots in Victorian London, and proud Royal Warrant holders. Our range of luxury scented candles are made using time-worn, traditional crafting techniques that date back to 1845.


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