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5 October 2023 | 0 min read

The art of fragrance pairing

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Our homes have the magical ability to influence our moods, thoughts, and even our memories. Our choice of decor, the colour of our walls, and our furniture all play a significant role in crafting our personal sanctuaries. Yet, there’s an underestimated element that enhances and transforms our mood: fragrance.

Just like enjoying a pasta dish with the perfect wine, we can elevate our space’s ambiance through the combination of scents.

This is the world of “fragrance pairing”, where interior style can go hand in hand with the perfect aroma. Whether you’re looking to bring warmth to a minimalist setting, freshness to a vintage space, or cosiness to a modern home, the right scent acts as the perfect finishing touch.

Rustic Reverie

If your home leans towards a rustic, bohemian vibe – think exposed beams, weathered wood, earthy colours – then consider something that complements this lifestyle.

Natural, fruit-infused scents can act as a forest whisper and enhance the organic charm of your home. Candles like Rubus are an ideal addition, marrying the untamed beauty of wild berries with gentle bay leaves – a marriage of outdoors and indoors.

Modern Minimalism

Modern minimalism thrives on simplicity, clarity, and utility. Every item is chosen with care, ensuring it complements the understated aesthetic without creating clutter.

With its emphasis on open, breathable space, a minimalist interior provides the perfect backdrop for the mind to wander, allowing you to drift into a realm of memory and story.

To prevent these personal, expansive spaces feeling too sterile or cold, the perfect fragrance pairing should exude an air of luxury, adding warmth, richness, and cosiness.

British Expedition is a harmonious addition that respects the principle of the minimalist lifestyle, adding a rich sensory journey thanks to a blend of cloves, warm tobacco, and fresh mint tea. More than just a candle in a home like this, it acts as a bridge between clean visual design and the rich tapestry of the senses.

Vintage Valour

In the world of interior decor, vintage design represents a delightful journey back in time, painting a tapestry of elegance and nostalgia. Distinct from modern and contemporary pieces, vintage style captures the essence of past decades, creating a space that’s as much about stories as it is about style.

Floral wallpapers, intricate design and patterned fabrics are hallmarks of vintage style, often hailing from the Victorian Era or even the mid-century. These features add depth and charm to the space, with firm roots in craftsmanship.

With its intricate layering of scents, Garden of Eden complements these eccentricities. Its delicate undertones of Jasmine embody the calm stillness of a vintage home, while the top notes of Ylang-ylang and Tuberose offer depth and complexity. This luxury scent stands as testament to the ageless allure of days gone by.

Find your perfect home fragrance with Charles Farris

Our exquisite collection of luxury scented candles has masterfully encapsulated memories, moods, and eras into each aromatic blend. Whether your home sings the songs of vintage charm, modern minimalism, or anything in between there’s a Charles Farris candle waiting to elevate your space.

Dive into our collection and let your home be a canvas where style and scent find perfect harmony.


Charles Farris is one of Britain’s oldest candlemakers with firm roots in Victorian London, and proud Royal Warrant holders. Our range of luxury scented candles are made using time-worn, traditional crafting techniques that date back to 1845.


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