Sweet Elixir, February's Fragrance of the Month

Tim Duggan-Rees

Posted on January 31 2019

Sweet Elixir is the perfect scent for the month of February, evoking hopeful notes of spring while still creating a warm and comforting environment for the remainder of the cold winter season. Sweet Elixir is a balanced mixture of citrus, floral, and gourmand notes, none of which dominate the other. They complement one another and create a gentle, honey-sweet fragrance that will remind you of peeled oranges, blooming flowers, and freshly baked cakes.


Out of all of our luxury scented candles, Sweet Elixir is the one that smells the most of beeswax. It paints the image of a warm, blooming meadow in the English countryside. As you’re settling in to endure the last vestige of the winter’s bitter cold, you can close your eyes and envision the coming springtime - it won’t feel quite so far away while burning this candle!  


If you've never had the pleasure of trying Sweet Elixir for yourself, you won't be disappointed. As one of our most versatile fragrances, it has a little something for everyone, whether they prefer floral scents, sweet scents, or citrus scents. It's particularly excellent as a present for this very reason! 


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