Repairing An Improperly Burning Candle

Noa Hawkins

Posted on February 19 2019

Every now and then, you’ll find that your candle has begun to tunnel. It’s always such a disappointment - you bought yourself a luxury scented candle (or had one bought for you, if you’re very lucky!) and half the wax is being wasted away.


So why do scented candles tunnel in the first place?


The answer is simple. Assuming that the candle is in pristine condition when you begin, it all comes down to the first time you burn your candle. In order to make certain the scented candle will burn evenly, the entire surface of the candle must be melted before blowing it out. Don’t begin burning your new candle unless you know you have an hour or two to spare!


The good news is that you can repair a candle that has begun to tunnel, and it’s actually not terribly difficult. All you need is a sheet of aluminium foil. Cut out a small piece of aluminium foil, and simply fold it over the candle’s container, so half of the top is covered. When you burn the candle, the heat will be captured by the foil and melt the edges of the wax. Simply adjust the foil around the edge of the container until all of the edges are thoroughly melted.  



If there’s a great deal of excess wax around the edges, then you should burn the wick until the wax is softened, and scoop out the excess with a spoon. This will ensure that the wick isn’t drowned in your efforts to repair the candle.


Another tactic is to get a hair dryer and simply melt the edges yourself. This can take a little bit longer and require a bit more attention, but it’s a good alternative if you don’t happen to have any foil on hand. Again, melt the edges, and scoop out the excess wax with a spoon. Make certain the top layer is completely melted before letting the candle cool again.


It’s highly recommended that you keep a close eye on your scented candle it while fixing it, because a buried wick can be very frustrating to try and recover. That being said, our candle wicks are particularly sturdy, so they should hold together if you need to dig them out with a toothpick.


So, if your new luxury scented candle does start to tunnel, don’t lose hope! There are still ways to recover it and enjoy a clean, even burn again.

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