A Winter's Tale 1-Wick Recall

Recall Notice - 29th November 2022
Scented Candle, Winter’s Tale – Orange Zest, Cinnamon & Cloves
Product: FJWT
Charles Farris Scented Candle
Type: Candle - scented, single wick
Batch ID: Batch release 1st November - 28th November
List Name: Winter’s Tale, Orange Zest, Cinnamon & Cloves
Issue: Dark or black smoke at initial lighting, liable to flare or flame during burning.
Cause & Hazard: Material issue with scent ratio on second fill. This higher concentration of scent liquid in the second fill is causing an issue when burning. This could lead to the glass jar overheating and breaking suddenly.
Action: To recall and replace all Winter’s Tale scented candles produced in this batch. All customers to return their Winter’s Tale single wick candles to Charles Farris Ltd, Freepost, BA12 6ZZ with a note of whether they would like a refund or replacement.

Comments: This was a production issue at the time of pouring the wax on the second fill. This issue was identified and determined that the product should be recalled avoiding any risk to customers.